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Maddie N.

“I was really nervous going into my first session with Allesondra, as I have little experience working with a coach for an audition. The amount of work that we did in one hour was incredible - not only do I now feel more prepared going into that specific audition, I feel prepared to take what I learned in that one session into other future auditions as well. Allesondra is focused, and will push you as an actor without ever feeling condescending or judgmental. She knows what she’s doing and wants to share it with you. Will definitely be coming back in the future.” 

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Zach P.

This was my first class with Allesondra and I have to say she is the real deal! She is very giving and warm as a coach and knows actors very well. She gives you space to risk forward and gives direct feedback. Do you want real-world advice about the industry from a working actor? Then Authentic YOU is the place to be.


Cody C.

"This class was an absolute blessing. Allesondra is such a gifted instructor and so much of what I have learned in class I have put into application and I look forward to returning later on. 


This was a truly great experience!"

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Ginny S.

" Not only does Allesondra put her client's needs and schedule first, she is always available and communicative for any question or need you may have. After coaching with her, I felt more comfortable on camera and with self taping. She helped me bring myself and my personality to the character and the scene, which made me feel so natural. I also had so much fun!"


Coaching with Allesondra is designed to find your authenticity and learn to listen to your most genuine self, all while focusing on growing your acting career.

Allesondra is a working actress, producer, and acting coach based in Los Angeles.

Having lived and worked in 4 major markets throughout the US,  Allesondra brings the experience and knowledge of what it takes to get representation, nail the audition and callback, book the job, and stay focused in the industry. With honest feedback and encouragement, you will walk away feeling more confident in your work and in yourself.

Audition Technique

Are you looking for a class where you get to work ON CAMERA every week?!

We are offer ongoing audition technique classes for actors in every market.

In Person classes in LA and ZOOM classes for actors in other markets.

We will work on audition technique for drama & comedy for both Television and Film.

We will discuss the business side of the industry.

And we will talk about how to build a sustainable and successful career.

The goal is to bring more of YOU to your work, and give you the confidence you need to book the room every time.

*If you're only acting when you have an audition, you're not doing the work!*


Script Analysis

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Alex O.

"This was my first time getting professional headshots done and it was a truly phenomenal experience! Allesondra is incredibly kind, creative, passionate and professional. Along with getting my headshots done, Allesondra shared her knowledge of very helpful resources for actors. I would recommend Authentic YOU to all of my fellow acting friends. 

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Noa N.

"Allesondra is experienced, knowledgeable and easy to work with. Her attention to detail is impeccable. She provides critique with clear, straightforward honesty, as well as kindness and encouragement. I am so glad to have had her consultation for my digitals. I will surely continue to seek our her valuable expertise in the future"

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Natalie R.

"Normally I get nervous about group classes, but now that I’m in Allesondra’s in-person class, I’m no longer nervous! She makes me feel so welcomed and I love learning from her! Thanks to her, I recently just booked a short film! She’s such a great coach!"

Script Analysis is essential to being a strong and successful actor.

We are offer weekly sessions dedicated entirely to breaking down a script and learning how to develop a character.

We will work on drama & comedy for Television, Film, and Theatre.

We will work on following our instincts and making strong choices.

We will work on camera to learn how to apply the choices we make to our acting.

The goal is to give you an in depth understanding on how to effectively analyze and breakdown a script. 


*It is recommended to take class for at least 2 consecutive months.*



Are you ready to take the next step in your career?

Are you ready to take an active role in your progress, but you're not sure where to begin?

Career Coaching with Allesondra is designed to give you the skills, knowledge, and mindset to thrive as an artist. With a lifetime of experience, and 8 years as a working actor, I will guide you through the uncertainty of the industry and provide you with the tools to find success.

I can't wait to learn about you!


  • 30 minute or 1 hour session with Allesondra (1 hr recommended)


  • Branding + Marketing: Understanding the Industry

  • Headshots (Photographer recommendations in different markets)

  • Resumes

  • Casting Profiles, Website/Online Presence + IMDb

  • Reels + Acting Clips

  • Representation and the Road to Finding the RIGHT Rep for YOU

  • Building Relationships in the Industry

  • Relocating to Different Markets

  • Self Tape and ZOOM Auditions (What to Do/Expect. How to Prepare)

  • Do you have a PROFESSIONAL and POSITIVE mindset? And how can I help with that?


Congratulations on your audition!

I can't wait to work with you. Together, we will take the scene from the page to life. Finding a fully realized version of YOU, to bring a unique view to the character. With focus on relationship and being truly grounded and open to your impulses, we will ensure you stand out in the room (or on your tape).


  • 30 min or 1 hour session with Allesondra

  • Script Analysis + Character Breakdown
  • Audition/Camera Technique and Direction

  • New tools + tips to strengthen your auditions

  • A fun and free space to work and try new things



*Payment Plans available upon request *

If you are looking for an appointment that does not show as available on the booking website, feel free to inquire via email